Warranty statement

To ensure you peace of mind, Vena Stones products are backed up with a 50-year warranty  from the date of the purchase. The 50-year warranty applies to the Vena stones products manufactured by Royal Stones.

This warranty covers the Vena stones product against chipping, disintegration and premature discoloration. It does not cover labor cost, transportation cost or other compensation. The warranty is only valid for manufacturing defects that significantly affect the performance of the products installed in the owner’s property.

Royal Stones guarantees the structural integrity of its Vena stones products and that they are free from manufacturing defects upon delivery. For this warranty to be effective, the Vena stones products must be installed in accordance with the National Building Code, the CSA standards, as well as the installation guide provided by Royal Stones.

If the products delivered show defects prior to their installation, one must contact Royal Stones within 48 hours of the delivery in order to report the situation. Product conformity is accepted upon delivery by the distributor and the consumer and/or his representatives. An installation of more than 50 sq. ft. confirms the acceptance of the product delivered to the job site and no claim can be made to Royal Stones related to the color, size or texture of the product thereafter. The acceptance is final.

If Vena Stones products are found to be defective during the warranty period, the company will, at its sole discretion, either (i) repair or replace the defective products in the same quantities if the defective product is still available, or (ii) refund the price initially paid for the defective product.

A proof of purchase is required to initiate a warranty claim. No claim will be accepted without a proof of purchase. When a claim is made, the coverage is calculated based on the time left to the warranty. For example, if the buyer makes a warranty claim in the 120th month from the date of the purchase, the warranty coverage will be in a ratio of 480/600.

The 50-year warranty is transferable from one owner to another and a proof of purchase will still be required to initiate a warranty claim. The warranty period to subsequent owners is limited to fifteen (15) years from the original date of the purchase.

This warranty excludes all products not supplied by Royal Stones, as well as all defects, failures or damage that may be the consequence of the actions listed below:

  • Non-compliant installation.
  • Contact with chemicals and/or cleaning products.
  • Damage caused by pressure washers.
  • Defective design or construction.
  • Natural disaster or other uncontrollable events.
  • Breakage caused by an impact during shipping/handling or installation.
  • Breakage caused by landslip, the movement of the building or by misuse of construction equipment.
  • Premature deterioration of the boxes and well as stains/dirt on the product surface caused by poor storage conditions.
  • Misuse of the products.
  • Discoloration caused by the sun or other atmospheric pollutants.
  • Efflorescence.