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Technical information


The VENA screw-on panels is a revolutionary system that is quick and easy to install using corrosion resistant clips and stone panels. Slide the clips in the grooves on the back of the stone and screw them to the wall. With Vena screw-on panels, changing the look of your property is now easy.

There are 28 different stone imprints to ensure our Vena stones give your property a pleasing aesthetic. The stone imprints are randomly boxed so you don’t have to worry about it when installing. You cover 35 sq.ft. without using the same imprints, thus avoiding panel repetition.

Vena stones is simply the most beautiful screw-on stone on the market. It gives your home the look of luxury for a fraction of the price of traditional masonry. It can be installed in hot or cold weather, in dry or humid areas, outdoors or indoors, and it requires few tools and no special construction knowledge.

Traditional masonry requires a brick foundation to support the weight of bricks and stones and the installation requires the use of mortar. Vena stones are simply screwed to the frame of your house and each panel is self-supporting. Therefore, it is neither necessary to have a foundation designed to support the weight of the stones, nor to use mortar!

A minimum of 2 galvanized steel clips must be used for each Vena screw-on panel. While enough clips are provided with the product, it is recommended to purchase extra clips to prevent running out of them during installation.

Vena stones can be purchased in bulk boxes containing 88 pieces or 110 sq.ft. It is also available in small boxes containing 4 pieces of 5 sq.ft. The Vena stones corners are exclusively available in small boxes of 4 pieces of 5 sq.ft.

To ensure you peace of mind, Vena Stones products are backed up with a 50-year warranty from the date of the purchase. Please review our full warranty statement for terms and conditions.

Vena stones require no maintenance. It doesn’t need to be cleaned but if necessary, water, a mild soap and a cloth should be used.

To get a quote on Vena stones, please contact the dealer closest to you. You can visit the “Where to buy” section on our website to find your nearest dealer.

Vena stones is proudly made in Canada by Royal Stones, a family business based in Varennes that has been in business since 2007.

Our products are distributed in more than 125 dealers in Quebec, Ontario and across the Maritimes. Please review the page Where to buy to find the nearest dealer.

You can visit our showroom located at 1041 bld Lionel-Boulet in Varennes. It is recommended to make an appointment before planning your visit.

We are open Monday to Thursday from 8am to 4:30pm and Friday from 8am to 3pm.

Our products are exclusively available through our authorized dealer network. Only products with small defects can be purchased at our plant. Review the page Where to buy to find the nearest dealer.

Contact your distributor and share all relevant details about your project. We are constantly looking for exciting projects to help us promote our products.


Vena stones can be installed both indoors and outdoors on most surfaces. Please refer to the installation guide for further details.

Yes, Vena stones have been specifically designed so that anyone can install it without having any specific construction background. If you are a DIY and like to save on labor cost, you can install our product by following the installation guide available on our website.

A waste ratio of about 5% should be added to the net total surface to be covered in order to avoid running out of products during your installation.

Of course. Use a diamond saw blade or a concrete blade. However, note that the colour will differ where the stone is cut. The aggregate will be visible but mortar may be used to cover the area that was cut.

We must always start the installation with the corners and then install the flats.


Although it is unusual to find broken pieces in a box, the broken pieces can be used for cuts.

Installing a stone up on a wall means the product is accepted by the customer/installer. Please contact your distributor or our customer service and we will be happy to assist you.

Our stones are made using natural materials so there might be a slight colour variation between the sample board and the stones received. If the colour seems significantly different from the sample board, you can contact your distributor or our customer service.

The main component used in colouring our products is iron-oxide. Iron-oxide has the same aging properties as natural stone.

Technical information

Vena stones measure 22.5in in length and 8in in height. A panel covers an area of 1.25 sq.ft.

Vena stones thickness averages 1.5in although it may vary slightly from stone to stone.

A Vena panel weighs approximately 18.5 pounds which makes it easy to handle and install. The weight per sq.ft. is about 14.8 pounds.